Boom! Studios is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres. Boom! Studios had purchased a VoIP solution when they moved into their office space and unfortunately they were stuck with poor call quality and dropped calls.

They were constantly going back and forth between the VoIP provider and Internet Service Provider trying to resolve the issue with each company placing blame on the other. Boom! Studios business is highly dependant on voice calls, so this was creating a myriad of problems for their productivity and bottom line.

“CompuTech is just the best. When my company was having problems with our new IP phone system CompuTech was there to fix it. When my company was having computer problems CompuTech was there to fix it. When we needed a turnkey solution for our network CompuTech was there.

CompuTech is always there when I need them, and they execute solutions flawlessly. There is no other company that I know of offering IT solutions with the level of expertise and customer service that CompuTech has. They are my one-stop solution for all my IT needs.”

Chip Mosher, Boom! Studios

Boom! Studio’s contacted CompuTech Support Services to create a VoIP solution that would be reliable and trouble free. After a friendly initial phone call CompuTech Support Services dispatched a technician to perform a complimentary Site Survey for Boom! Studios and create a strategy to install a highly reliable VoIP solution.

CompuTech Support Services then had a Speakeasy T1 line installed and Speakeasy’s VoIP service installed. CompuTech Support Services reconfigured all their current phone hardware to work with Speakeasy’s service as well as configured the Quality of Service router to manage all VoIP traffic to prevent any dropped calls or poor call quality.

Boom! Studios also wanted faster transfer rates in their office as well as across the internet so CompuTech Support Services installed and configured a new gigabit switch to provide them with fast transfers in the office and a Towerstream 5Mbps/5Mbps WiMax.