Bridget and Marc Silvestri work a lot from their home offices. Bridget working on marketing, accounting and PR work for different companies and Marc constantly juggling multiple projects on multiple platforms as a well known comic book artist, and CEO of Top Cow Productions, Inc. CompuTech was brought in to make sure their home network was secure and to make sure their computers are up to date and running smoothly.

“CompuTech is the BEST! Their staff are reliable, trustworthy, patient and knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with. I love having the option of having our personal technician come directly to our home or I can pop by their offices depending on my schedule”

-Bridget Silvestri

CompuTech has helped the Silvestri’s for over a decade with migrations from old computers to new computers, setting up new peripherals like all-in-one scanners, printers, back up drives, back up batteries etc… to assistance with all their iOS devices.