Know Thy Enemy: Chaos-Seeking Hacker

Everyone has to start somewhere, including hackers. Script Kiddies may lack the skills to perform sophisticated attacks, but they are still capable of causing damage to their targets. In most cases, they aren’t seeking money or fame but instead, Script Kiddies launch attacks just for the “lulz.” Using freely available Denial of Service (DoS) tools, Script […]

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Yesterday I had the honor of presenting some security information at the Seattle CTO Club. I loosely based the discussion on a similar presentation I gave last week at an event for Equinox IT, a WatchGuard partner, covering the cyber security landscape and top threats businesses face. Members of the group learned common attack patterns […]

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On October 2nd, the Google security blog announced several vulnerabilities in a piece of software called DNSMasq, which offers DNS forwarding and DHCP services for small computer networks. Days before, IT Briefcase published an article I wrote about indicators of compromise in DNS logs. The article explains that an exploited DNS server may offer the […]

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Network Traffic Geolocation

In a past article, I explained how to auto-block hosts with a WatchGuard Firebox. Yesterday alone my logs showed over 100 IP addresses auto-blocked in one day on a Firebox used for testing purposes. The list included over 1000 blocked IP addresses. I also noticed the Firebox shows a limited number of blocked hosts so […]

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