Incredible Features

Incredible Features was faced with a dilema, as higher quality digital cameras are making their way into the market, the file sizes they shoot at are growing at an incredible pace. Incredible Features was having to constantly buy external hard drives to store their digital shoots on, and then had to double these drives in order to have a working backup of their customers critical photos.

This presented a major problem when trying to manage these photos, as well as a nightmare to share across multiple workstations.

“If you’ve happened upon CompuTech while searching for a solution for computing woes, consider yourself having hit the karmic technology jackpot. Coming from an IT background myself, I know these guys are the best, not only because they’re knowledgeable but they’re always willing to work with you to find the solution within the scope of your work and budget. Plus they care. Consider your back watched.”

– Stacey Linh, Incredible Features

CompuTech Support Services performed a complimentary site survey and assessed the amount of storage currently used in their environment and took into consideration the amount of storage needed for future growth.

CompuTech Support Services installed an Apple Xserve attached to a Promise RAID giving them a large centralized storage system that could be accessed via a gigabit network from any of their workstations.

CompuTech Support Services installed an automated tape backup library to inexpensively backup all their photos for offsite storage as well as installed a new VPN/Firewall to allow secure remote access to their network when working abroad.

Incredible Features is now capable of easily locating their photos from any workstation, and are able to work securely from remote locations. Incredible Features can rest easy knowing their data is stored in a remote location in case of a disaster.

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