Last week, Imperva discovered a new crypto-jacking attack, which they named RedisWannaMine. According to Imperva, the malware’s initial attack vector used a well-known web application vulnerability involving Apache Struts, affecting both database servers and application servers. Imperva, however, does not reveal the scope or numbers of vulnerable systems that have been exploited. Imperva noted that […]

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Complexity is the enemy of security; the more moving parts a system has, the more difficult it is to secure them all. Unfortunately, modern online advertising and website analytics trends are creating massively complex web applications that criminals could potentially exploit – all without the average user noticing. WatchGuard CTO Corey Nachreiner explains this issue in detail […]

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Sling shot

Last week, Kaspersky labs discovered a new malware served up through possible Windows exploits and in several cases through a component downloaded by the Microtik Winbox Loader software from the routers themselves.  Named “Slingshot” due to unencrypted strings n the malware, it has affected at least 100 victims and suspected to have been infecting targets […]

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This week, a security research lab called CTS disclosed a warning about 13 serious vulnerabilities that affect most of AMD’s processors. The researchers make pretty bold and possibly overstated claims, suggesting these flaws are a huge deal, and in some cases potentially unpatchable. However, there are a few suspicious aspects of this release as well.  […]

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“If you build it, they will come.” This popular adage from the 1989 classic, Field of Dreams, remains relevant today across a variety of industries – including wireless technology. For example, if you create a new communication medium for transmitting information and sensitive data over the air, groups of skilled experts will form to explore […]

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The researchers at Kaspersky have found a new sophisticated malware sample that has infected victims and evaded detection since 2012. Besides infecting Windows computers, the attackers behind the malware also seem to have hijacked Microtik routers to help deliver the malware. The sample also uses many sophisticated techniques to evade forensic software, install with a […]

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Online fraud is a big source of revenue for cyber criminals. Unfortunately, these campaigns often leverage trusted, legitimate company names and sophisticated social engineering tactics to make their attacks convincing enough to dupe unsuspecting users. That’s exactly what has been happening in a recycled Microsoft tech-support scam involving panic-inducing browser lockers, which Malwarebytes recently uncovered. […]

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Latest week, we saw a record-breaking 1.3Tbps DDoS attack against Github. This week attackers have already broken that record with another Memcrashed UDP amplification attack against an undisclosed company. We also learn these DDoS attackers are extorting their victims. Watch our video Byte below for the details.  Episode Runtime: 2:29 Direct YouTube Link: EPISODE […]

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 Ad networks are pulling a page from the hacker’s malware handbook to evade ad blocking software. To make matters worse, the ad network doing this is also forcing your computer to become a cryptocurrency miner—something the industry calls cryptojacking. Watch our Daily Video below to learn more about what this ad network is doing, as […]

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Exposure of personal information on the internet has become an increasingly hot topic for many people over the past few years, especially with how many sites have had exposures of your PII (Personally identifiable information). The most publicized attakcs are usually hackers who have broken into company systems to gather information, (such as Equifax). Another […]

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