You probably see phishing emails everyday, but have you seen ones targeting renewals on Apple’s app store? Last week, a number of Apple users received phishing emails about their $144 YouTube Red renewal. If that renewal fee seems high to you, you’re right. It’s the lure the attackers use to get you to click their […]

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Olympic Torch

The Olympics are over, and watching this year’s performance was far from disappointing, all the athletes were incredible, and the ceremonies looked stellar. The events all kicked off at the beginning of February starting with the opening ceremonies, but with a hitch, a large system outage. Before the opening ceremonies, most all the computer systems […]

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This week, BizTech Magazine published a product review of WatchGuard’s Firebox T15-W, remarking on the appliance’s high-end features and enterprise-grade security protections. The review dives into the feature-packed Firebox T15-W,  which combines wireless routing capabilities with its UTM functionality, is easy for IT teams to setup and manage, provides vital security protections against malware, blocks […]

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Today marks a CRN Security 100 hat trick for WatchGuard Technologies! CRN just named WatchGuard as one of its 20 Coolest Network Security Vendors for the third year in a row as part of its prestigious 2018 Security 100 list. CRN’s Security 100 is regarded as the channel’s definitive roster of top security tech suppliers […]

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On Wednesday, GitHub survived the largest DDoS attack to date, with the traffic at about 1.3 Tbps (Terabits per second). The previous largest recorded attack took place in 2016 when the Mirai Botnet launched a 1.2 Tbps DDoS against DYN DNS, bringing down their site,  and much of the internet along with it. What caused these […]

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TrustiCo or TrustiNot?

Earlier this week, I wrote an article on underground hackers selling valid cryptographic certificates, which they obtained through stolen private keys and social engineering. More private keys were compromised yesterday when a dispute between Trustico and DigiCert got ugly. Trustico wanted to have the certificates revoked by DigiCert likely because Trustico is trying to push […]

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Once again this year, WatchGuard has been named a Grand Trophy Winner in Info Security Products Guide’s Global Excellence Awards. WatchGuard took home eight total awards for ISPG’s 2018 awards program, including Gold in the Advanced Persistent Threat Detection and Response category for WatchGuard APT Blocker.      We’re proud to have so many of […]

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hacking code

It shouldn’t surprise you that most websites track user behavior. Certain software products can keep highly detailed records on user behavior called “session replays,” which including input from a user’s keyboard or mouse, logs of network events and console logs, and even the images from a user’s screen. Websites use this information for site optimization […]

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If you’re a company that provides public Wi-Fi access for customers – or if you’re a member of today’s mobile workforce – this is not a drill! For most modern businesses, public Wi-Fi hotspots are a necessity, and their business benefits go far beyond merely providing connectivity to customers. SMBs in particular can grow their […]

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