Learn How to Sync Your iPhone With iTunes On Your MacBook

If you have had trouble with setting up iTunes on your new MacBook via your iPhone, then you are not alone. While often misdiagnosed by the “geniuses” at the Apple store, this is actually a common problem for new Mac users. However, when our customers try to find advice for this issue on their own, they often discover that they need to wade through a lot of bad advice first. A better way to resolve this is to consult the Mac repair experts at CompuTech Support Services.

Here is the problem one of our customers had recently. Whenever he tried to sync his iPhone with the iTunes program on his new MacBook, he was prompted to “transfer purchases from iPhone”. The only problem was, his MacBook wouldn’t recognize the iPhone. A friend advised him to make the transfer directly from his old PC, or look at the online forums and troubleshoot the problem on his own, without consulting his local Apple store.

Like many of our customers, he found information online about a downloadable iPhone drive, but he wasn’t sure he liked the idea of paying Apple for the privilege of syncing one of their products with another and he was afraid it might be a scam. At CompuTech, our Mac experts have heard about many iPhone/Mac users who tried this method and it didn’t solve the problem.

Fortunately, the MacBook repair experts at CompuTech stay current on the forums and they were able to find a simple and effective solution for syncing iTunes on a new Mac. It turned out that this customer didn’t need to purchase a new drive, nor did he need to make the trek to the Apple store. If your iPhone isn’t recognized by your MacBook, the best solution is to install software updates on your computer. The problem will not be resolved by reinstalling iTunes. Even if it syncs up once, you may have this problem again and again until you update your software, and who wants to reload iTunes every time you sync?

Instead of wasting more time and money with the Apple Store you should always try software updates first. In this case, what you should look for is the “iphone compatibility sdk” update. A customer of ours took his new MacBook back to the Apple store last year after having problems with this exact issue, and the guy at the Genius Bar told him it was a bad logic board. After getting a replacement laptop, he experienced the same issue the following week.

If you just brought your new MacBook home from the Apple store, or you bought the new iPhone4, then you may not have this issue at all. Save yourself the time and frustration of trying to resolve issues like these on your own.

If you are looking for a reliable place to get your iMac, MacBook, or iPad serviced in the West LA area, avoid the Apple store and take your Apple Macintosh products to CompuTech in Los Angeles, CA.

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