Networking and Security is an important aspect to all users, and is especially critical to any business.

The rapidly expanding need for networking and security has created a gap for many service providers that are not prepared to provide a complete solution, and that’s what makes us different! When it comes to networking and security we have recognized that the only solution is a complete one. That is why we have put together a complete package of networking and security services that can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any business environment large or small.

CompuTech will work with you to discover what network services you need, and will tailor a solution that will give you optimum performance, maximum security and at a cost that will work within the confines of your budgets.


In addition to standard networks CompuTech is also an expert at setting up Storage Area Networks (SAN) for high speed, high availability storage. We highly recommend Apple’s Xsan solution and use the technology ourselves at our own offices.

We are a Watchguard certified reseller and recommend their excellent Firebox™ line of Internet security appliances. We have found them to be an excellent, easy to maintain firewall / VPN solution that works seamlessly between Mac and PC users and environments. We can also setup and configure any other brands you may prefer, or already have installed as part of your network.

If you’re looking to protect your network from intruding hackers, we can help develop a solution to keep your important information safe from prying eyes, as well as provide secure remote access to your users.