Quick Fixes for Three Most Common MacBook Repair Issues

Even people who consider themselves the least tech-savvy computer users are likely to say that Apple computers are the most user-friendly and trouble-free machines. All of Apple’s devices receive rave reviews from the industry, which has given them more satisfied customers than any other brand of computer. But even their bestselling laptop – the MacBook – is not immune to certain issues. While it excels in so many important ways, some of these problems might sound familiar to Apple MacBook owners.

As one of the few award-winning Apple Authorized Service Providers in the Los Angeles area, and an expert on MacBook repair, we see three common areas where Mac owners tend to have problems. They are with the power adapter, the batteries, and with their laptop unexpectedly “falling asleep.”

MacBook Repair Tips for Power Adapters

Let’s start with the power adapters. Like any other computer, a defective power adapter can keep the computer from fully charging. Outside of potential power problems related to your own power source or faulty outlets, dirty connectors on your computer’s power adapter are often the problem. It is also possible that the molding on the adapter itself is deteriorating. Try cleaning the power connectors first, but if the problem persists take your MacBook for services at an authorized Apple dealer or MacBook repair service provider. MacBook owners are often eligible for a free replacement adapter.

MacBook Repair Tips for Batteries

Along the same lines as the power adapter, if your MacBook has a defective battery, it will not hold a charge as long as it should. Checking the battery on a Mac computer is simple. On the top left hand side of your computer screen you will find “About this Mac”. Choosing “More Info” here will let you see the details of your MacBook’s battery life, including its full-charge capacity, cycle count, and overall condition. You may also see a “Check Battery” warning here. Under certain conditions, and when your MacBook is still under warranty, you may be eligible for a free replacement battery.

If your battery is okay, but you just want to make it last longer, here is another tip you might hear about from a MacBook repair specialist.

Calibrate your battery monthly using Apple’s online instructions for MacBooks or their instructions for older Mac laptops.

MacBook Repair Tips for Sleep Issues

Is your MacBook reverting to “sleep mode” when you’re in the middle of a project? Some MacBook users report a problem where their computers unexpectedly lapse into sleep mode, or they will not come out of sleep mode when the start button is pressed. The remedy for this is often closing the lid and reopening, then pressing the power button again. But sometimes it requires the user to hold down the power button long enough to force a restart.

For a more complicated MacBook repair, a trip to your Mac repair shop may be necessary to fix the underlying cause of the problem. However, there is one way you may be able to fix it at home – by resetting the computer’s System Management Controller (SMC). Follow these instructions from Apple to reset the SMC.

If you are new to the world of MacBook computers, you may think it needs to go back to the Apple store for service. Not true! The best place to get your computer repaired is at an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP).

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