As an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) serving the Los Angeles area, our customers often ask us whether they should upgrade to the latest Mac computer or hold onto the one they have. Since we focus on Mac repairs and Mac support rather than selling new computers, customers like to hear our opinions on the latest devices before speaking with an Apple retailer.

If you are up-to-date on the latest news about Apple computers, you may have already seen preliminary “reviews” for the new iPad 2, which is expected to come out in March or April 2011. It’s always interesting to see how much publicity a new Mac product can generate – even before it hits the Apple store – but with a popular product like the iPad, it is not surprising. Here’s the burning question – is now the time to upgrade to the IPad 2, or should you wait until the 3rd generation comes out next year?

Before you stand in line at the Apple Store – here is our take on the iPad 2:

While it’s too early to do a comprehensive review of the product, we have read enough about the iPad 2 to know what to expect. Although, Apple is definitely making some notable improvements, none seem compelling enough to warrant an upgrade right now. But your decision on whether to upgrade will depend on which features you must have, and which ones you can live without.

Reportedly, the screen resolution of the new iPad 2 will be 2048 x 1536, which is twice the resolution of first generation. Some Apple dealers have weighed in on this by saying the improvement isn’t necessary because the current iPad has excellent screen resolution.

Another expectation is that the iPad 2 will add a dual-core processor. While a dual-core processor would certainly increase its speed, it is hard to imagine that any current iPad owner would find this necessary. That said, it will be advantageous to have the additional horsepower in a year or two, when the iOS is expected to be more processor intensive. Some “Apple watchers” are even predicting that iOS7 may be released in 2013.

Apple dealers are often asked when the iPad will begin offering front and rear facing cameras, especially now that Skype is supporting the iOS. Good news – this is one of the features slated for the iPad 2. Apple users are already using video conferencing on the latest iPhone and iPod Touch, so it will be an advantage to have it on the iPad as well. According to many current iPad owners, the cameras will be one of the best reasons to upgrade this year.

Unless you are an “early adopter” who must own the latest version of every Apple device, you can probably save yourself a long wait at the Apple Store and keep the one you have for a little longer. The first generation iPad may start to seem outdated by this time next year, so you might want to hold out for the iPad3. However, if you haven’t purchased your first iPad yet, we do recommend waiting until April and getting the latest version.

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