Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast, Charter or Century Link could dramatically affect their customers’ security if they chose to, but how should they use this great power responsibly??In a recent Dark Reading?article,?WatchGuard Technologies?CTO?Corey Nachreiner?writes about the role ISPs should play in cybersecurity.? Here’s an excerpt from the article that explains Corey’s main argument:? As […] Read More – When are ISPs Responsible for Cybersecurity? Read more “When are ISPs Responsible for Cybersecurity?”

A UK and Portugal based security consulting firm, Integrity, recently released some interesting research after participating in Uber’s bug bounty program . For those unfamiliar, bug bounties are a way for organizations to incentivize security researchers to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities in their products. Read more “Little Uber Hacks Snowball into Bigger Threats”

Use the information in this article to allow optimal usage and to reduce wear of the Apple MagSafe Adapter included with your Mac notebook computer. Read more “Mac notebooks: Using and maintaining your Apple MagSafe Adapter”

Mac OS X 10.4 installs printer drivers and PostScript Printer Description files (PPDs) for many printers. Some printer files included with Mac OS X 10.4 might not be included with previous Mac OS X versions, and vice-versa. This article contains a list of all printer drivers and PPD files included with Mac OS X 10.4 Read more “Mac OS X 10.4: Included printer drivers and PostScript PPD files”