USB devices that make it easier for an attacker with physical access to your computer to hack it?have existed for awhile. Hak5’s Rubber Ducky—recently shown in a Mr. Robot episode—is a great example of these sorts of devices.?In that episode, a character plugged one of these devices into a computer for around 20 seconds, and […] Read More – USB Lock Screen Bypass – Daily Security Byte Read more “USB Lock Screen Bypass – Daily Security Byte”

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Last week, ?a new ransomware variant called Locky began?spreading in the wild. Locky encrypts data on an infected system using? AES encryption , and then leaves a blackmail letter (which is localized in several languages) asking for half a bitcoin to get your data back. More disturbingly, it also searches for any network share (not just mapped shares), and encrypts data on those remote shares as well. Read more “Locky – New Crypto Ransomware in the Wild”

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Many Apple fans think their Macs are immune to malware. Unfortunately, Apple’s computers — though less targeted — are as susceptible to?threats as any other computer. In fact, attackers can even evade OS X’s built-in anti-malware mechanism. Read more “GateKeeper Bypassed Again – Daily Security Byte EP. 205”

When you set up Home Sharing,?you can share and stream content from the iTunes library on your computer with other computers, iOS devices, or Apple TVs on your home network. Read more “Use Home Sharing to share iTunes content with other devices on your home network”

OS X: About kernel panics

In rare situations, your Mac may spontaneously restart, turn off, display a message “You need to restart your computer…”, or become unresponsive, indicating a kernel panic has occurred. Read more “OS X: About kernel panics”