Add Deloitte to the long list of hacked organizations. This week, Deloitte warned that they had suffered a security breach on their email server.? So far, they claim it only affected limited customers, and didn’t disrupt their business Read more “Deloitte Email Breach – Daily Security Byte”

This week, Apple released security patches for many of their popular products. The updates include security fixes for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Safari, and Xcode. Combined, they fix tens of vulnerabilities, including some pretty serious, Wi-Fi-related code execution flaws in iOS Read more “Apple Fixes iOS Wi-Fi Flaws – Daily Security Byte”

Imagine this nightmare wireless attack scenario. A guest walks into your offices not realizing his mobile wireless device is already infected with malware that spreads wirelessly Read more “BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerabilities – Daily Security Byte”

A month ago, Marcus Hutchins was arrested after attending the Black Hat Security Conference. Hutchins was known in the industry as security researcher who ran the MalwareTech alias Read more “Krebs Outs Hutchins – Daily Security Byte”

Ever since Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek hacked a Jeep remotely, researchers (and presumably criminals) have been looking into automotive vulnerabilities. Last week, a researcher from Trend Micro added to the automotive security issues by sharing an vulnerability with a car’s controller area network (CAN) Read more “Car DoS Attack – Daily Security Byte”

We’ve imagined many nightmare scenarios where sentient robots turn on humanity in science fiction novels and movies. Well, the latest security research might bring us one step closer to Skynet Read more “Hacked Industrial Robots – Daily Security Byte”

DNA Malware? – Daily Security Byte

Late last week, headlines popped up talking about malware delivered by strands of DNA. If you were wondering, “Is this true, and how the heck can DNA deliver malware?” then you’ve come to the right place Read more “DNA Malware? – Daily Security Byte”