Imagine this nightmare wireless attack scenario. A guest walks into your offices not realizing his mobile wireless device is already infected with malware that spreads wirelessly Read more “BlueBorne Bluetooth Vulnerabilities – Daily Security Byte”

WatchGuard has been recognized as one of CRN’s 2017 Mobility 100?and highlighted on CRN’s?list of?Coolest Mobile Security And Device Management Vendors. The definitive list of 100 is divided into best mobile five categories: hardware, security, software and services app development and device management vendors in the IT ecosystem. Read more “WatchGuard Named One of CRN’s 2017 Mobility 100”

Hey Siri, do “always listening” virtual assistants carry serious security and privacy risks? According a recent?CSO Online article, nearly 50 percent of IT professionals think so Read more “Does Your New Virtual Assistant Device Pose a Security Risk?”

? Researchers have found a new malware variant that has infected around 1.3 million Android devices. Not only does the malware steal your device’s authentication token, giving criminals access to your Google accounts, but it can forcefully install new apps on your phone and give them good ratings on the Google Play marketplace. Read more “Googligan Android Trojan – Daily Security Byte”

Security researchers at Check Point Since first discovered in February 2016, the malware has infected an estimated 10 million Android devices, earning its developer $300,000 a month in revenue from fraudulent ad clicks and app installs. While devices located in China and India make up a comparatively large percentage of infections, western nations like the United States and Mexico still have estimated victim counts of over 250,000 each. The HummingBad campaign uses drive-by download attacks hosted on adult content sites to initially infect new victims. Read more “Watch Out for HummingBad Android Malware”

Can Android malware burrow so deep that it’s impossible to remove from your device? Today’s episode covers three new Android malware samples that automatically root your device and cause a lot of mayhem. Some think you’d have to buy a new phone to get rid of these samples. Read more “Auto-rooting Android Malware – Daily Security Byte EP. 172”