Yesterday I had the honor of presenting some security information at the Seattle CTO Club. I loosely based the discussion on a similar presentation I gave last week at an event for Equinox IT, a WatchGuard partner, covering the cyber security landscape and top threats businesses face. Read more “The Seattle CTO Club ~ Sharing Security Information”

A security researcher spoiled Apple’s release of macOS High Sierra today when he published a video showing a zero day exploit of the built-in password management system, Keychain. Read more “macOS High Sierra Password Theft Vulnerability”

Unconventional Hacking – Ticket Trick

Team communication and organization tools are rapidly gaining popularity in the workplace. Applications like Yammer and Slack act as private chat rooms for employees to discuss ongoing projects or communicate potentially sensitive information. Read more “Unconventional Hacking – Ticket Trick”

Understanding the motivations and methods of today’s hackers is vital for establishing an effective defense against them. Knowing what they’re after, whom they target, and how they conduct business all help shed light on the resources needed to protect your businesses. Read more “Know Thy Enemy: The Politically Inspired Cyber Attacker”

There’s a reason malicious software mutates as it multiplies, evading even the oldest, most-mature antivirus (AV) solutions. Read more “Hacker Hide & Seek: Malware Obfuscation and How to Detect It”

On August 24, Tropical Storm Harvey turned into?Hurricane Harvey?and made landfall near Rockport, Texas. It caused catastrophic flooding in the greater Houston area, killed at least 16 people, and could result in close to $60 billion in economic losses. While thousands flock to help the victims of the storm, cybercriminals are spinning into action, trying […] Read More – Scammers Begin Phishing in Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters Read more “Scammers Begin Phishing in Hurricane Harvey Floodwaters”

WatchGuard’s Q1 2017 Internet Security Report found that two out of the top-ten most popular malware threats were malicious JavaScript. Read more “JavaScript’s Hidden Danger: Drive-by Downloads”

Automatically preventing all traffic from hosts that attempt to connect to blocked ports can help prevent further malicious actions from those IP addresses as explained in Auto-Blocking Suspicious Hosts Found in Traffic Logs. After posting that article, one WatchGuard customer sent me a note about using the auto-block feature to help prevent DDoS attacks. By […] Read More – Using Firewall Policies to Auto-Block Rogue Hosts on External Networks Read more “Using Firewall Policies to Auto-Block Rogue Hosts on External Networks”

We all have our faults, and can sometimes get stuck in our ways – no one is perfect after all. But in the world of information security, bad habits can lead to costly and unnecessary troubles for your company. In a?recent article, TechRepublic outlines 10 habits cybersecurity pros need to break, and features advice from […] Read More – Become a Better Cybersecurity Pro by Abandoning These Bad Habits Read more “Become a Better Cybersecurity Pro by Abandoning These Bad Habits”