Security researchers have given a marketing name to an old ICMP-based denial of service (DoS) vulnerability that affects some modern firewalls. Watch Friday’s Daily Security Byte video to learn more about how BlackNurse works, and why it doesn’t affect WatchGuard Firebox appliances. Read more “BlackNurse DoS Attack – Daily Security Byte”

Lizard Squad is a “hacktivist” group that targets game companies, mostly with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. I’ve covered some of their hijinks in previous videos. This week, we have some good news Read more “Lizard Squad Members Charged – Daily Security Byte”

Last weekend, lock pickers at the HOPE security conference released the final?master key for TSA’s Safe Skies program. While their research focuses on lock picking, it has wider information security implications Read more “Leaked TSA Master Keys – Daily Security Byte”

This week, Oracle released their largest Critical Patch Update (CPU) ever. The well-known software company fixed 276 vulnerabilities in 80 different products, many of which unauthenticated attackers could exploit remotely. Read more “Biggest Oracle CPU Ever – Daily Security Byte”

On Monday, Apple released seven new security updates to fix tens of vulnerabilities in a number of their products. If you use any Apple based operating system (OS), you’ll want to apply at least one of these updates as soon as you can. Watch below for a quick summary of these updates and the affected products, and check the references section for links to the advisories. Read more “Apple Patches all OSes – Daily Security Byte”

Android malware continues to rise in the wild. One of the most common variants are banking trojans that try to steal your credentials and gain access to your accounts. Read more “Android Trojan Blocks Calls – Daily Security Byte”

Ransomware has run amok over the last few years, and continued to evolve and improve. In today’s Daily Security Byte, I describe two new variants of ransomware that have appeared in the wild.?One sample expands?on ransomware’s malicious techniques, making it more dangerous, while the other just seems to try and cash in on the extortion trend Read more “New Ransomware Variants – Daily Security Byte”

To keep Friday’s story fun, I covered an?incident that?involves both?gaming and infosec. Attackers have already created a malicious version of the popular Pokemon Go app. If you’re an Android user trying to download Pokemon Go from non-official sources, this story is no joke. Read more “Backdoor in Pokemon Go – Daily Security Byte EP. 287”

If you use Android devices, it’s time to update. Google released an Android update that fixes hundreds of vulnerabilities, including the Qualcomm chipset flaw that has been in the news lately Read more “July Android Security Update – Daily Security Byte EP. 285”