It’s that time again. Patch Day! On the second Tuesday of the month, both Microsoft and Adobe release their security updates. This month, you should probably focus on Adobe’s updates first. Read more “July 2016 Patch Day – Daily Security Byte EP. 289”

Security researchers at Check Point Since first discovered in February 2016, the malware has infected an estimated 10 million Android devices, earning its developer $300,000 a month in revenue from fraudulent ad clicks and app installs. While devices located in China and India make up a comparatively large percentage of infections, western nations like the United States and Mexico still have estimated victim counts of over 250,000 each. The HummingBad campaign uses drive-by download attacks hosted on adult content sites to initially infect new victims. Read more “Watch Out for HummingBad Android Malware”

The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is the new type of firmware that replaces Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) ?firmware on PCs. Among other new features, UEFI supports security mechanisms like Secure Boot for Windows. Unfortunately, a researcher found a flaw in Lenovo’s UEFI that could allow attackers to bypass this mechanism. Read more “ThinkPwn: UEFI Vulnerability – Daily Security Byte EP. 283”

Data privacy and protection is a BIG deal, and many countries are setting new regulatory standards for how to move, store, view, and report on data containing users’ personally identifiable information, or PII. Read more “Dimension’s User Anonymization makes Data Protection Easy”

A UK and Portugal based security consulting firm, Integrity, recently released some interesting research after participating in Uber’s bug bounty program . For those unfamiliar, bug bounties are a way for organizations to incentivize security researchers to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities in their products. Read more “Little Uber Hacks Snowball into Bigger Threats”

Security nerds, like me, often advise you to tape up your webcam when you’re not using it. However, many people think this is too paranoid. “Who’s going to spy on my computer,” they ask? Read more “Tape Your Webcam – Daily Security Byte EP. 277”

One Password to Rule Them All

Anyone with a social media account has at some point encountered blatant spam followed by a “sorry everyone, someone hacked my account” post from one of their friends. Unless this friend in question is some celebrity, it is extremely unlikely that they were specifically targeted in a hack Read more “One Password to Rule Them All”

The second Tuesday of each month is infamously known as Microsoft Patch Day by IT pros. However,?this month Adobe’s security news?trumps Microsoft’s. Watch today’s video to learn why you should update Flash before your Microsoft products, but also?why you shouldn’t skimp on the Microsoft patches either Read more “Flash 0day and MS Patch Day – Daily Security Byte EP. 273”

A number of Teamviewer users have reported that attackers have mysteriously gained control of their remote desktop software and used their computers to steal from their PayPal accounts. Has the Teamviewer app been hacked, or are attackers just using stolen credentials to log in? Read more “Mysterious TeamViewer Hacks – Daily Security Byte EP. 267”