Yesterday I had the honor of presenting some security information at the Seattle CTO Club. I loosely based the discussion on a similar presentation I gave last week at an event for Equinox IT, a WatchGuard partner, covering the cyber security landscape and top threats businesses face. Read more “The Seattle CTO Club ~ Sharing Security Information”

On October 2nd, the Google security blog announced several vulnerabilities in a piece of software called DNSMasq, which offers DNS forwarding and DHCP services for small computer networks. Days before, IT Briefcase published an article I wrote about indicators of compromise in DNS logs. The article explains that an exploited DNS server may offer the […] Read More – DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More Read more “DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More”

Ccleaner is one of the most widely used Windows maintenance programs out there, with over 2 billion downloads. In fact, it was a utility that even I used often before moving to OS X. Read more “Ccleaner Supply-chain Attack – Daily Security Byte”

Organizations face a wave of increasingly advanced and evasive malware. Hackers are leveraging zero-days, encrypted communication channels, kernel-level rootkits, and evasion techniques to sneak past network defenses undetected. Daylighting malware in this virulent threat landscape can prove daunting, and so we are starting to see solutions that combine the powers of multiple services in order […] Read More – Without Correlation, You Could Be Missing Threats Read more “Without Correlation, You Could Be Missing Threats”

Earlier this year, CRN awarded WatchGuard a five-star rating in its?2017 Partner Program Guide. Read more “CRN Honors WatchGuard CEO and WatchGuardONE Channel Program”

Unless you were hiding under a rock this Tuesday, you probably heard Apple’s big announcement about the iPhone X. The most important part of that announcement for the security community was that Apple is getting rid of the Home button and its fingerprint ID in favor of a facial recognition system in the new iPhone […] Read More – Is the iPhone X’s Facial Recognition System a Security Risk? Read more “Is the iPhone X’s Facial Recognition System a Security Risk?”

Every day over 1 million new viruses are discovered on the internet. Read more “Machine Learning a Force-Multiplier in Malware Prevention”

Do You Need to Worry about VR/AR Hacking?

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have huge potential. As with any new innovation, it’s important to review the potential security risks. In his latest?column?for Help Net Security, our CTO,?Corey Nachreiner, breaks down the current and future risks of AR/VR hacking Read more “Do You Need to Worry about VR/AR Hacking?”