Using social media at work is acceptable in most offices, and is critical to some people’s jobs. But, with people actively posting, reading and connecting during business hours, what network security risks does this create? WatchGuard‘s Information Security Threat Analyst, Marc Laliberte, recently offered his perspective ?in a Dark Reading article. Read more “What 6 Social Media Habits Put Your Business At Risk?”

Infosec Pardons – Daily Security Byte

In one of his last acts as the head of the nation, President?Obama pardoned or commuted the sentence of 273 more individuals.?Two of the lucky individuals have historical relevance to the information security industry; Chelsea Manning and James Cartwright. Manning (previously known as Bradley) was the individual who leaked hundreds of thousands of sensitive military […] Read More – Infosec Pardons – Daily Security Byte Read more “Infosec Pardons – Daily Security Byte”

When was the last time you posted photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Read more “Six Ways Hackers Can Use Your Selfies Against You”

According to research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), cybersecurity professionals know they’re undermanned for the fight against cybercrime.?The?newly released?report?surveyed ISSA members from around the world and found that nearly half (46 percent) of respondents claim their?organization has a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills. The driving factors? 26 percent […] Read More – Nearly Half of Organizations Claim Problematic Shortage of Cybersecurity Skills Read more “Nearly Half of Organizations Claim Problematic Shortage of Cybersecurity Skills”

In the digital age, SMBs have new opportunities to compete in broader, more varied markets. Since business today is 100 percent plugged in and connected, SMBs are facing a unique set of security challenges Read more “When Security is the Goal, SMBs Should Operate Like a Soccer Team”

This week the Dutch National Police and Europol announced a collaboration with a couple of private companies to fight ransomware: No More Ransom. The website will provide resources for companies to learn about and combat threats. Read more “Ransomware? Call in a Crypto Sheriff!”

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is designed to criminalize technology that circumvents?digital copy protection mechanisms. However, some members of the information security community also believe the DMCA prevents?them from legally doing security research, which is why the EFF is taking the U.S.?to court. Read more “EFF vs DMCA – Daily Security Byte”

No one wants?an attacker or malware in their systems. That’s why the information security community spends so much time and effort on?prevention. We try our best to implement defenses that stop today’s threats, while imagining new safeguards to catch future ones. Read more “Visibility: The Missing Layer of Information Security”

Mac OS X is designed to give you a safe and secure computing environment, often by the use of passwords. One of the best things you can do to keep your information and computer secure is to use good, hard-to-guess passwords. Read more “Choosing good passwords in Mac OS X”

On September 1, 2015, Apple will discontinue iTunes U private sites and disable all access to private sites. Please review the information below to determine whether your iTunes U site will be affected. Read more “Accessing and archiving content from iTunes U private sites”