You might be sick of ransomware, but that won’t stop criminals from releasing new variants. Bart is the latest extortion malware?that arrives as a zipped JavaScript file. Watch Monday’s Byte for a Firebox tip on how you might avoid this new threat.? (Episode Runtime: 3:03 Direct YouTube Link:? EPISODE REFERENCES: Locky attackers behind new Bart ransomware ?–? Proof Point Ransomware domains up 3500% ?– Dark Reading —? Corey Nachreiner, CISSP ?( @SecAdept ) Read more “Bart Ransomware – Daily Security Byte EP. 280”

There have been tons of big password leaks lately, like the ones that affected Twitter and Linkedin. These leaks certainly suck for the people that use the affected sites, but they can also affect the industry as a whole. Watch today’s video to learn how password leaks combined with password reuse?has lead to problems for GoToMyPC users Read more “GoToMyPC Password Problem – Daily Security Byte EP. 275”

The second Tuesday of each month is infamously known as Microsoft Patch Day by IT pros. However,?this month Adobe’s security news?trumps Microsoft’s. Watch today’s video to learn why you should update Flash before your Microsoft products, but also?why you shouldn’t skimp on the Microsoft patches either Read more “Flash 0day and MS Patch Day – Daily Security Byte EP. 273”

Microsoft’s Background Intelligent Transfer Service helps Windows and other programs quietly deliver updates in the background, without taxing your network bandwidth. Unfortunately, cyber criminals have also figured out how to exploit it to continually reinstall malware on a cleaned computer. Watch the video below to learn more. Read more “Advanced Lingering Malware – Daily Security Byte EP. 270”

Connecting cars to the Internet through GSM cellular networks already proved dangerous, but what if you built a wireless access point into your car? Read more “Wireless 802.11 Car Hack – Daily Security Byte EP. 268”

Along with 2600 , Phrack was one of the “hacker” ezines that got me interesting in information security. It disappeared in 2012, but?it’s back. Read more “Phrack is Back – Daily Security Byte EP. 259”

Almost a year ago, an Italian security company called the Hacking Team suffered an embarrassing network breach. This week, the alleged attackers behind the hack detail exactly how they did it Read more “Hacking Team Breach Unveiled – Daily Security Byte EP. 250”

If you visit a site to get your ethical hacking certification, you’re probably not expecting to get a dose of ransomware along with it. However, that’s exactly what might have happened if you visited the?CEH website recently. Read more “Ethical Hackers Spread Ransomware – Daily Security Byte EP. 239”