WatchGuard’s Q1 2017 Internet Security Report found that two out of the top-ten most popular malware threats were malicious JavaScript. Read more “JavaScript’s Hidden Danger: Drive-by Downloads”

Many attackers and hosts infected with malware try to infect other hosts by scanning networks for open ports exposed to the Internet. After finding an open port, a malicious third party will attack software running on that port using known vulnerabilities. Read more “Auto-Blocking Suspicious Hosts Found in Traffic Logs”

Today, I am very excited to share WatchGuard’s first formal Internet Security Report. For over a decade,?WatchGuard’s threat team has educated the general public and our customers about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and security stories through articles, podcasts, and videos.?In this new quarterly security report, we’re also excited to share some quantifiable data from WatchGuard’s […] Read More – WatchGuard’s Q4 2016 Internet Security Report Read more “WatchGuard’s Q4 2016 Internet Security Report”

Whether you are tracking investments for retirement, saving for college, or doing financial research, use Numbers to create spreadsheets that pull current and historical stock performance and live exchange rates directly from the internet.? Read more “Add current stock quotes and currency exchange rates in to your spreadsheets in Numbers”

At WatchGuard, we’re?big supporters?of the responsible disclosure process for reporting vulnerabilities to device and software manufacturers. We?believe?it’s beneficial for everyone involved. Read more “Responsible Disclosure in Practice”

? WatchGuard’s Firebox T70 has been chosen as the Best Unified Threat Management solution in the 2017?CyberSecurity Excellence Awards. Read more “T70 Wins Best UTM Product in the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards”

The Mirai botnet is a malicious network of infected Internet of Thing (IoT) devices, largely made up of DVRs and IP-based security cameras, which I’ve mentioned in a number of videos. Brian Krebs, a well-known security journalist and researchers, first disclosed Mirai to the public after it launched a huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) […] Read More – Mirai Author Doxed – Daily Security Byte Read more “Mirai Author Doxed – Daily Security Byte”

Last week, we finished off Friday with some good infosec news. Authorities from around the world took down a huge cyber criminal network responsible for a large portion of the spam on the Internet. The raid resulted in five arrests, 39 seized servers, and over 800,000 malicious domains blocked. Read more “Avalanche Sting – Daily Security Byte”

Over the past few weeks, we learned about an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet that launched at least two huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. We also learned about the botnet software that attackers used to infect these devices. Now, we’re learning about an old SSH configuration flaw that allowed these attackers to bounce […] Read More – SSHowDowN IoT Attack – Daily Security Byte Read more “SSHowDowN IoT Attack – Daily Security Byte”

Connecting cars to the Internet through GSM cellular networks already proved dangerous, but what if you built a wireless access point into your car? Read more “Wireless 802.11 Car Hack – Daily Security Byte EP. 268”