You can copy files between your computer and apps on your iOS device that work with File Sharing.?For example, you can create a document in Pages on your iPad, then copy it to your Mac so that you can open it in Pages for Mac OS X. Read more “About File Sharing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”

If you open a Multi-Touch textbook on your iPad, the screen may display a gray linen background. Read more “iBooks: Opening a Multi-Touch textbook on iPad displays a gray linen background”

Pwned DSL Routers, White House Hack, and Phone Scams Cyber security is on the industry’s mind. As a result, every week seems packed with information and network security news. Read more “WatchGuard Security Week in Review: Episode 36 – White House Hack”

If you use an iPad to change Wiki or Person settings, the changes will be saved to the server but they will not be immediately visible on the iPad. This can happen with OS X Server (Mountain Lion). Read more “OS X Server: Changes in Wiki/Person settings are not refreshed live on iPad”

As I’m sure most Apple lovers are aware, Apple announced the new iPad this week (which they literally just call the “new iPad’). Read more “Apple iOS, iTunes, and TV Security Updates”