One common feature of computers is that upgrading the memory will nearly always result in a faster machine. The original MacBook came with 2GB of memory. Basic versions of all MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro versions, come from your local Apple reseller with 2GB as standard, with many models featuring 4GB.

With dual memory slots, a MacBook can be upgraded by an authorized MacBook or MacBook Pro repair center to double existing memory to a maximum of 8GB. The benefits of going in for an Apple repair service and memory upgrade include:

The knowledge that your new parts are installed properly by authorized MacBook repair technicians whose work is guaranteed.

Faster data streaming -extra memory helps to keep the flow of data constant and to avoid screen freezes that typically occur when watching videos and other CPU intensive work.

Faster boot up – The system has more “space” to pre-load the operating system at boot time.

Reduced disk wear – When systems are memory deficient, they have to use the hard disk as a means of gaining extra memory space. The activity of moving data back and forth can cause a huge performance penalty as the system gets tied up with disk read/write operations.

The biggest effect is improved all-round performance – For a variety of reasons, machines respond well to additional memory and can function significantly faster as a result. An Apple reseller or Authorized Apple Repair Service provider will carry all the memory modules required for an upgrade.

There are good reasons why your MacBook memory upgrade should be handled by an Authorized Apple Reseller or Apple repair service provider; Different MacBook versions require different memory modules. Inserting the incorrect module can either damage the main board or produce unpredictable operating results. Choosing a reputable Apple reseller or Authorized Apple Repair Service Center means you can be confident that not only is the correct memory being added, it is from an Apple-approved source that meets the specifications required by the MacBook’s operating system and hardware. Apple resellers and Apple Repair Service Centers carry only Apple approved parts for replacement or upgrades.

So before visiting your Apple reseller for an expensive MacBook repair, maybe a memory upgrade at your local Authorized Apple Repair Service Center will cure the problem. If you are in the Los Angeles, West LA, Santa Monica, or Hollywood, area you can visit CompuTech Support Services’ Authorized Apple Repair Service Center. CompuTech is authorized to handle any type of Macbook repairs. We are located in Los Angeles, California where we have expert technicians ready to help assess your Apple repair or service needs.

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