A security researcher has found a new flaw in Microsoft’s Edge browser that allows attackers?to access content from other domains you have open in your browser, or to act as you on those domains. For instance, if you click a specially crafted link, the attacker could tweet as you, assuming you have Twitter opened in […] Read More – Edge UXSS Flaw – Daily Security Byte Read more “Edge UXSS Flaw – Daily Security Byte”

Stuxnet’s Legacy Lives On

It’s alive! Most people in the cyber security community are all-too-familiar with “Stuxnet” – the infamous worm that used Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities to target an Iranian nuclear program. According to a recent Ars Technic article, one of these bugs is still being exploited even though it was first disclosed and patched way back in 2010.?In […] Read More – Stuxnet’s Legacy Lives On Read more “Stuxnet’s Legacy Lives On”

Today’s Daily Security Byte is a little different. Rather than sharing an information security news story, I quickly highlight a relatively common phishing email WatchGuard researchers have?encountered. Read more “Voicemail Phishing Email – Daily Security Byte”

Last month, Microsoft unexpectedly skipped their February Patch Day due to an undisclosed technical issue. So this month, Patch Day has returned full force with seemingly?twice the security bulletins as normal Read more “Double Patch Day – Daily Security Byte”

Last week, Microsoft cancelled Patch Day for some undisclosed reason. However, this week they released one critical update to fix a Flash flaw Read more “MS Patch Update and 0day – Daily Security Byte”

Patch-ageddon – Daily Security Byte

Whether you’re a Mac or PC, December’s Patch-ageddon affects you. By now, Microsoft and Adobe have ?probably trained you to?know that the second Tuesday of the month is Patch Day, where both companies release all their security updates for the month Read more “Patch-ageddon – Daily Security Byte”

Today is both the U.S. Presidential Election and November’s Microsoft and Adobe Patch Day. Read more “Get Your Election Day Patches – Daily Security Byte”