On October 2nd, the Google security blog announced several vulnerabilities in a piece of software called DNSMasq, which offers DNS forwarding and DHCP services for small computer networks. Days before, IT Briefcase published an article I wrote about indicators of compromise in DNS logs. The article explains that an exploited DNS server may offer the […] Read More – DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More Read more “DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More”

In a past article, I explained how to auto-block hosts with a WatchGuard Firebox. Yesterday alone my logs showed over 100 IP addresses auto-blocked in one day on a Firebox used for testing purposes. Read more “Where in The World Is That Network Traffic Coming From?”

WatchGuard has been recognized with five awards from the 2017 Golden Bridge Awards Program. The annual awards encompass the world’s best in organizational performance, innovations, products and services, executives and management teams, women in business, customer satisfaction programs and more, across every major industry category worldwide Read more “WatchGuard Earns Five Golden Bridge Awards, Securing Gold for Network Firewall and Wireless Security Innovation”

Many attackers and hosts infected with malware try to infect other hosts by scanning networks for open ports exposed to the Internet. After finding an open port, a malicious third party will attack software running on that port using known vulnerabilities. Read more “Auto-Blocking Suspicious Hosts Found in Traffic Logs”

WatchGuard Wins Six Awards at This Year’s Network Product Guide 2017 IT World Awards and Takes Gold in Two Categories WatchGuard wins six awards from this year’s?Network Product Guide 2017 IT World Awards, the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide. The awards acknowledge active participants from a broad spectrum of the IT industry: products […] Read More – WatchGuard Wins Six Awards at This Year’s Network Product Guide 2017 IT World Awards and Takes Gold in Two Categories Read more “WatchGuard Wins Six Awards at This Year’s Network Product Guide 2017 IT World Awards and Takes Gold in Two Categories”

Endpoint security was a hot topic at RSA 2017. While endpoint security is extremely important, it has some significant limitations (like being vulnerable to zero-day attacks). Focusing on endpoint threat data without correlating it to network information can cause serious problems. Read more “Endpoint Security Is Great, but Not Enough Without Network Data”

Don’t let “security fatigue” lull?you into skipping Patch Day. With its cyclical nature, Microsoft’s (and Adobe’s) Patch Day might seem overwhelming at times, since it reoccurs so regularly. Read more “Microsoft’s October 0day Patches – Daily Security Byte”

Application Layer DoS Attacks

In a Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack, malicious actors forcefully eat up resources on a victim network service to the point that access to the service becomes impossible. Motivations for DoS attacks range from political, to criminal, to just shouts for attention. Read more “Application Layer DoS Attacks”

US-CERT Alert on Ransomware

If you follow the blog, you probably saw Jonas Spieckermann’s post ?about the Locky Ransomware, which attackers are distributing on a massive scale via spam email attachments. Another Ransomware variant named Samas or SamSam is also making its rounds, and recently forced a Maryland-area healthcare provider to? partially bring down their network for several days . Read more “US-CERT Alert on Ransomware”