In general, security experts like me are against sharing passwords, even among family and friends.?Sure, we can all think of cases where sharing passwords with family might be useful, but why not just setup privileged accounts for those family members? Read more “Password Sharing Illegal? – Daily Security Byte EP. 288”

University researchers have shown how you can use the various tracking sensors in wearable devices to recover keypad passwords of their owners. Read more “Fitbits Hack ATMs? – Daily Security Byte EP. 286”

If you use Android devices, it’s time to update. Google released an Android update that fixes hundreds of vulnerabilities, including the Qualcomm chipset flaw that has been in the news lately Read more “July Android Security Update – Daily Security Byte EP. 285”

Many Mac users think they’re immune to malware, but unfortunately that’s untrue. Though?Windows malware variants still greatly outweigh Apple ones,?Mac malware is starting to appear more regularly Read more “Eleanor Mac Backdoor – Daily Security Byte EP. 284”

Tavis Ormanday, a well-known security engineer for Google, disclosed a number of critical vulnerabilities in some of Symantec’s endpoint security products. If you use Symantec or Norton’s antivirus (AV), watch the video below to learn how bad these flaws are, and where to find the updates. Read more “Critical Symantec AV Flaws – Daily Security Byte EP. 282”

Back-channel attacks,?where attackers send information?using unusual and hard to spot communication channels, are not new. However, I think they’re cool, if not a bit impractical. In this video, I cover the Fansmitter research from an Israeli University’s Cyber Security team Read more “Fansmitter Hacks Air Gaps – Daily Security Byte EP. 281”

Security nerds, like me, often advise you to tape up your webcam when you’re not using it. However, many people think this is too paranoid. “Who’s going to spy on my computer,” they ask? Read more “Tape Your Webcam – Daily Security Byte EP. 277”

Early last week, the Democratic National Committee admitted they were hacked. Later, a security team blamed the attack on two Russian hacking groups. Now,?another hacker claims credit for the attack and shares some sensitive documents to prove it. Read more “DNC Hack Drama – Daily Security Byte EP. 274”