On October 2nd, the Google security blog announced several vulnerabilities in a piece of software called DNSMasq, which offers DNS forwarding and DHCP services for small computer networks. Days before, IT Briefcase published an article I wrote about indicators of compromise in DNS logs. The article explains that an exploited DNS server may offer the […] Read More – DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More Read more “DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More”

A past Secplicity post explains how to automate deployment of a WatchGuard Firebox Cloud on AWS. The related GitHub repository includes some Python code that configures the Firebox via the WatchGuard Fireware CLI (Command Line Interface). The code runs in an AWS Lambda function, which is a way to execute source code without setting up […] Read More – Create Firewall Rules with Python and the WatchGuard Fireware CLI Read more “Create Firewall Rules with Python and the WatchGuard Fireware CLI”

Info Security Products Guide recently held its 13th Annual Global Excellence Awards, and it was an exciting night for the WatchGuard team. Read more “WatchGuard Honored At This Year’s Infosecurity Products Guide Global Excellence Awards”

The Best Defense Comes From Seattle

? Watchguard has a big announcement?coming soon.?To celebrate, we partnered with?Seattle Seahawks?players Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner to create teaser videos that highlight four key elements of our upcoming launch. If you missed our videos on social media, check out the video above that covers all four WatchGuard Defensive Tips! Read More – The Best Defense Comes From Seattle Read more “The Best Defense Comes From Seattle”

Cybersecurity is complex, and so are the tactics used to evade modern day security techniques, but fear not, you are in the right place. Read more “Welcome to the Secplicity Community – Real News, Real Solutions, Real Simple”

If you use Android devices, it’s time to update. Google released an Android update that fixes hundreds of vulnerabilities, including the Qualcomm chipset flaw that has been in the news lately Read more “July Android Security Update – Daily Security Byte EP. 285”

Tavis Ormanday, a well-known security engineer for Google, disclosed a number of critical vulnerabilities in some of Symantec’s endpoint security products. If you use Symantec or Norton’s antivirus (AV), watch the video below to learn how bad these flaws are, and where to find the updates. Read more “Critical Symantec AV Flaws – Daily Security Byte EP. 282”

Security nerds, like me, often advise you to tape up your webcam when you’re not using it. However, many people think this is too paranoid. “Who’s going to spy on my computer,” they ask? Read more “Tape Your Webcam – Daily Security Byte EP. 277”