Ccleaner is one of the most widely used Windows maintenance programs out there, with over 2 billion downloads. In fact, it was a utility that even I used often before moving to OS X. Read more “Ccleaner Supply-chain Attack – Daily Security Byte”

Last week, I warned you that The Shadow Brokers released their second big dump of NSA hacking tools. At the time, the only thing of interest researchers had found were Solaris exploits. However, last weekend other researchers claimed to have found some serious, zero day vulnerabilities in Windows’ SMB file sharing services Read more “ShadowBroker SMB 0day? – Daily Security Byte”

Despite common perception, Mac computers aren’t inherently more security than others. In fact, attackers have started targeting Apple’s ecosystem more, and Mac malware has increased in the past few years. That said, you’ll still find far less Mac malware in the wild than Windows threats Read more “FruitFly Mac Malware – Daily Security Byte”