Today, another big “ransomworm” spread globally, infecting many organizations from power plants to shipping companies. Called Petya 2.0 or NotPetya, this new ransomware copies tricks from WannaCry and other ransomware variants to increase it’s spread. Rather than just encrypting your files, it actually encrypts your computer’s Master Boot Record (MBR), making your PC inoperable until […] Read More – Petya 2.0: Another Ransomworm – Daily Security Byte Read more “Petya 2.0: Another Ransomworm – Daily Security Byte”

When you set up Home Sharing,?you can share and stream content from the iTunes library on your computer with other computers, iOS devices, or Apple TVs on your home network. Read more “Use Home Sharing to share iTunes content with other devices on your home network”

You can copy files between your computer and apps on your iOS device that work with File Sharing.?For example, you can create a document in Pages on your iPad, then copy it to your Mac so that you can open it in Pages for Mac OS X. Read more “About File Sharing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”

In rare instances, iTunes may become unresponsive when connecting an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer. Read more “iTunes: May become unresponsive when connecting iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch”