The unique position of offering extensive support on both the Mac and PC platform has given us the experience necessary to quickly and precisely diagnose and repair any hardware or software problem that you may have.

We perform a variety of repairs, both in our store and at your location, that will save you a great deal of time and money. We specialize in repairs that are rarely offered by most other service providers such as: liquid spills, component level repairs, and severe physical damage. We have a team of trained experts ready to inspect, assess, and recommend the best solution for you.
Macbook Repair

Repair/Upgrade Services

  • As part of the CompuTech Repair Discovery Service, we will work with you in person or over the phone so we can assess your situation and advise whether it would be best served by you coming to us, or by us coming to you
  • Previous Generation Apple Parts – We carry many of the parts for previous generation computers such as Batteries, AC adapters, RAM, Hard Drives, and Optical Drives
  • Carry-In, On-Site, Remote Support, and Rush Repair Services are available
  • Messenger Pickup & Delivery available
  • Office Hours M-F 9a-7p
  • After Hours & Sunday Service available by appointment
  • Repair Rentals – Computer rentals are available while your computer is being repaired. In many cases we can even perform a hard drive swap or data transfer to your rental so you will have all your data and programs available to you while your computer is in for repair
  • Support for PC Platform & Virtualization. We have extensive experience in supporting Boot Camp, Parallels, and VMware solutions. We offer support for Multi-Platform environments as well as PC to Mac data transfer and integrationApple Repair
  • Component Level Repairs -This is how we address liquid spills and isolated component failure. This is a great alternative in cases where replacing expensive parts can sometimes cost more than the computer is worth while repairing the part at a reduced cost may be a more viable option
  • Screen Replacements – Often times the cost of replacing a screen can be close to the value of your computer, and that is why we offer low cost screen replacements for most computers
  • Case Replacements – Case and button replacements are available for functionality or aesthetics

Before You Come In For Repair

  • Make notes about the problem(s) you are having. To best facilitate our technicians ability to service your issue in the quickest possible time, try to make notes when problems occur along with the time it occurred, what you were doing on the computer, and exactly what happened (error messages, odd sounds, shut-down, etc.)iMac Repair
  • Backup your computer (if you can). If you are unable to backup your computer, CompuTech Support Services can usually do so for an additional charge. Many failures and repairs don’t always affect the hard drive or your data, but a backup is essential and always recommended for those who want to ensure against data loss.
  • Change your password (Optional). If your computer’s password is confidential, change it (if you can). We will need to know your administrative password for many repairs, so you may want to temporarily change it.

Coming into CompuTech Support Services For Repair

  • No Appointment Required. When you come visit CompuTech Support Services please make sure to review our store hours, and try to come in at least 30 minutes before we close so we can have plenty of time to review your needs.
  • Don’t bring your power adapter unless… you are having problems with charging or powering your computer. If you are bringing in an Apple display or a Mac mini then you should ALWAYS bring the power adapter.
  • Don’t bring your keyboard and mouse unless… the problem you are experiencing is related to the mouse or keyboard.Laptop Repair
  • Ask about upgrades. If you have been thinking about adding more memory (RAM) or a larger hard drive to your computer, we can often complete upgrades without any delays.
  • Ask about renting a computer during your repair. We know it’s tough to be without your computer, that’s why we offer flat-rate rentals for the duration of your repair.  Often times we can even transfer your data or swap your hard drive to the computer you are renting so you will have access to all your data and programs while your computer is being repaired.


After Your Repair at CompuTech Support Services

  • Your technician will call you as soon as the repair is completed. Your service receipt shows the phone number you gave us to call when the repair is completed.
  • Don’t forget to bring your service receipt! Your service receipt is required to pick-up your completed repair.  If you do not have it we can also accept a valid Photo I.D.
  • Pick-up your repair. If you have a rental in conjunction with the repair, it must be returned within 3 days of your repair completion. All other repairs need to be picked up within 30 days of repair completion.
  • Verify your issue was resolved. If you have further questions please feel free to call our service line at (310) 237-6065 or email
  • Continue or start backing up your data. A repair is a good reminder that computers can, and do fail at times, and usually when you least expect it. Take this opportunity to start backing up your data. If you are uncertain as to how to do a backup, ask about our backup solutions so we can help get you started.