Kraft Engel Management is one of the leading talent agencies representing composers in film, television, games, and theatre. CompuTech was originally brought in to transition Kraft Engel from Windows servers and workstations to Macs. They have been happily running on Mac since, and refreshed their entire system last year.

“CompuTech have been rock stars! Their team has been there for us over 6 years and no matter what we throw at them, they always deliver”

David Klane, VP Operations

CompuTech originally migrated Kraft Engel from an Exchange 5.5 server to Kerio Connect, as well as switching their file server and FileMaker server to a Mac server. In their most recent office refresh, we deployed two servers to balance the load of services and to give redundancy for some services. We deployed a new business-grade firewall and wireless solutions, in addition to new MacBook Pro Retina workstations. CompuTech also provides SPAM filtering and continuity services for email.