CompuTech Support Services can evaluate which server and storage solution would work best for your business’ needs.  We deploy a variety of server and storage solutions, from Mac OS X and Windows Servers to Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance solutions.   We can review your current infrastructure, evaluate your growth needs for storage, and recommend a solution that fits your budget and needs.  We deploy server and storage solutions from Apple, HP, Dell, Synology, Promise, Quantum and Active Storage, as well as other brands.

We deploy server and storage solutions, such as Mac Minis or Mac Pros, and attach Promise RAID’s to create a cost-effective but robust solution for small businesses. This central storage and filing promotes a more collaborative environment and improves efficiency.

For medium-to-large businesses, we deploy server solutions from HP and Dell as well as storage solutions from Promise, Quantum and Active Storage.  Coupled with virtualization technologies such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V or VMWare’s ESXi to make a robust platform with high uptime – insuring businesses run smoothly.

CompuTech is also an expert at setting up Storage Area Networks (SAN) for high-speed, high-availability storage. We highly recommend Apple’s Xsan or Quantum’s StorNext solutions.