Peta Johnson is a professional actress / voiceover actress in Los Angeles.

I am a full-time Actress and Voiceover Actress with a home studio, I’m also the owner of a Film/TV/Web Production Company called Pied Piper Productions with offices in both Los Angeles and the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

I was introduced to Computech by the Apple Store in Century City, Los Angeles, after I began to have problems with my computer shutting down (Kernal Panic) for no known reason and I had made an appointment with the Genius Bar to get it fixed. After a very long and stressful wait, unfortunately the staff at Apple were not able to determine the problem and recommended that I take it the guys at Computech to get a second opinion.

Apple had done me the biggest favor by sending me to Computech….from the moment I walked in the door, feeling very hopeless, extremely stressed and on the verge of tears, I was greeted with several friendly smiling faces (Norm, Ed and LaForest!) and was immediately put at ease when they said “don’t worry, we’ll find the problem and fix it!”.

As a Voice Actor, I run Protools on my Mac and record in my home studio on a daily basis and as a partner in an International Production company, I have to be able to communicate with my partner in Australia regularly, therefore, I can not be without my computer for any length of time. Once the guys at Computech determined what the problem was…I needed a new logic board… they offered to rent me a replacement computer to keep me going until mine was fixed!

I can not speak highly enough about how well I was treated by the staff at Computech, these guys are truly the BEST!! Their knowledge is unsurpassed, their work is exceptional, their prices are super reasonable and it was all done in a very speedy and efficient time frame. They truly went above and beyond to look after me and made my “nightmare” experience a smooth and painless one

As a small gesture of thanks, I even recorded Computech’s On Hold/IVR Voicemail Messages. I have since referred all my friends and colleagues to Computech and will continue to be a loyal customer as long as I own a computer! In conclusion, I not only see these guys as computer experts, but I’m proud to say that they are now my friends!

– Peta Johnson, Actress