Thomas Neerken is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles.

I am a professional photographer working in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years. I mostly shoot events, corporate and editorial assignments. Most photographers who had shot film for most of their careers, eventually made the switch to digital capture. I did too, about six years ago.

In addition the obvious transition to digital cameras, I had to incorporate computers in to my workflow. The computer has become my “lab”. I rely on my Mac for all of my digital capture processing. Needless to say, a reliable computer is more important than ever in the day to day operation of my business.

I had a crash (kernel panic) of my Macintosh G-5 and upon realizing it was beyond my knowledge to fix, I took it to as local shop for repair. They had my machine for an extended time and I used my back up system. Finally they deemed my machine beyond repair. I retrieved it and wasn’t sure what my next step would be aside of buying a new unit.

A few days later I was at an LADIG meeting and by chance was introduced to you (and Compu Tech) at which time you said bring the machine to us …we WILL fix it. I thought I had nothing to lose in trying out your shop.

To my pleasant surprise, right from the start and contact with the service coordinator, I felt I was in competent hands. From there, your facility kept me updated on the status of the repair and the costs involved. It all sounded fair to me and in about a week, I had my repair finished and I was up and running again.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the way I was treated, the good value I felt I got, and the overall experience I had at Compu Tech. Furthermore, I have found a computer repair facility that I have confidence in and can continue to build a relationship with.

Thanks again for the great job and keeping my computer as a useful business tool and not relegated to paperweight status.