Ken Pivak is a professional photographer, video editor, and director in Los Angeles.  He helps to run Digital 1 to 1, an online training service for aspiring photographers.

My name is Ken Pivak. I am a professional photographer and director/video editor, and without my computer… I am a Mac user… my work would be non-existent.

I became aware of CompuTech a few years back when they first opened their doors for operation. My association with one of their managers led me to move my computer repairs to their facility.

To put it in a nutshell…
You want to own a Mac, or any computer, just to have them as your repair guys. I have tried the Apple store route, and other local repair services, but what makes these wizards, for less of a better word, work so well; is their ability to “deliver” with speed and accuracy. But it’s not just the knowledge and experience that makes them good… that’s easy for them. What keeps me coming back and the many friends I had also sent to CompuTech is their ability to listen, teach and render the feeling that you are going to get a better computer then the one you gave them. Even knowing it’s your old one. Think of a hospital with nothing but doctors you actually like. Hey they’ll even poke fun at the whole process with laughter and make you feel great standing at the counter. But you know and they know what matters in the end.

Your work, your life and your money.

Because it comes down to this, my work-life does depend on my computer. I’m not happy about that, but CompuTech keeps me happy knowing that if the Sh..t hits the fan.
I have a home.

I mean what I say. I’m a true Bronx, New Yorker living in Los Angeles. If they sold pizza also, I’d move closer to them!
Thanks for the service and the many small tips along the way.

-Ken Pivac, Photographer, Video Editor, Director