CompuTech can help minimize the frequency of service calls, the severity of issues and potential downtime by remotely monitoring your network and equipment, as well as proactively fixing issues as they arise. By taking a hands on approach, we can help you stay up and running and do so while allowing your staff to work undisturbed.

By investing in a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance contract, you can potentially save your company a substantial amount of money by eliminating downtime for your staff, and costly disaster recovery services in the event of a critical systems failure.

CompuTech’s Remote Monitoring and Maintenance is a multi faceted approach that not only checks your network and supported hardware for signs of trouble, but also involves technician performed and automated maintenance of your systems and equipment.

Below is a partial list of the services we perform as part of our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance contracts:

  • Repair Disk Permissions
  • Clean Cache Files, Remove Swap Files, Check/Clear Logs
  • Disk Directory Monitoring
  • Check and Repair Preference Files
  • S.M.A.R.T  Hardware Status Monitoring
  • Virus / Spyware / Malware Protection – Updates and Maintenance
  • Operating System Updates
  • Security Updates and Patches
  • Backup Monitoring

Contact us today for a site survey, and we can assess your needs and recommend a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance contract that’s perfect for your business.