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The Evox Group is a family of companies dedicated to the creating and distribution of quality automotive content.

“The Evox Group is a family of companies dedicated to the creating and distribution of quality automotive content. Founded in 1995, Evox’s reputation for leading edge interactive imaging has positioned the firm as the premier supplier of video and image assets for numerous applications. eVox has produced unique imaging solutions for a broad array of consumer and industrial products representing many of today’s most recognized brands and numerous Fortune 500 clients.

As IT Director for the Evox Group I am responsible for all back end and front end systems including servers, storage, security, software implementation and management, and desktop support.  I am also the database administrator and developer for The Evox Group.

When I came on board as the IT Director with The Evox Group I immediately recognized that I needed help with our back end systems.  The Xsan had a number of power supplies that had gone out, and was suffering from poor performance. The Xsan also was not configured correctly.  We also had a server with a hardware problem that I needed diagnosed and repaired. Not being an Xsan expert, I was determined to find qualified help and advise from Apple Xsan specialists.  I also needed backup I could trust in case I was not available and Evox had any technology issues.  We consulted Apple and several other sources. Computech was highly recommended.

After our first interview with CompuTech they responded immediately with recommendations and swift action in replacing and repairing our failing server.  They came in and replaced the server and took the failing one to be repaired before competing companies we were looking at even responded with a proposal!

I found CompuTech to be very knowledgeable and professional.  They respond immediately to any and all questions and issues I may have.  The CompuTech family has become a welcome and valued member of the Evox family.”

– Dana Mitchell, eVox | Images

CompuTech completely tore out all of eVox Images’ equipment and old network cables, reconfigured their rack space, re-cabled all of the equipment, then completely rebuilt their Xsan – updating to Xsan 2.0.  This increased performance and reclaimed almost 10TB of space that had been lost due to misconfiguration.

The next phase is installing JAMF Software’s Casper Suite management package, to help eVox manage their computers, software and the deployment of new assets more easily.