What is CompuTech Support Services Repair Queue?

A queue is just a fancy name for a line, as in the line your computer waits in until a Technician begins to diagnose your machine. We quote a range of days because we can never be 100% sure exactly when a Technician will complete the repairs in front of yours, and we don’t want to over promise and under deliver for our customers.

Repair Queue

As soon as your repair comes up in the queue, a Technician will begin diagnosing your issues and as soon as they have it figured out, they will call you with an estimate and a diagnosis. Keep in mind if the repair queue is 1-3 days and a technician begins working on your repair on the 3rd day, he may not be able to complete his diagnosis until the 4th day or in the rare case of extremely challenging repairs sometimes longer.

The Repair Queue is not a promise of when your repair will be complete, rather it is an estimate of time before a Technician begins diagnosing your repair.

If a Technician is unable to complete your diagnosis or is unable to begin work on your repair by the last day of our quoted repair Queue, your Technician will call you and let you know the status of your repair, or the reason for the delay.

Understanding the Repair Queue will help you set your expectations, and help us repair your computer more efficiently by reducing the amount of time a technician spends on the phone and away from servicing your computer and others.